General terms

  • Broker: an intermediary who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller.
  • Customer: a broker’s client who is an owner of a load. Brokers can connect orders with customers or send invoices to them. Also customers can monitor their loads using Customer Portal.
  • Carrier: a transportation company that owns one or multiple trucks.
  • Owner Operator: a company/professional who owns and operates their business with a single truck.
  • Fleet: a company that runs and manages a group of trucks.
  • Driver: a truck driver who is responsible for shipping vehicles.
  • Vehicle: a single vehicle (usually associated with a specific VIN).
  • BOL (Bill of Lading): a document that describes inspection details of a particular vehicle.
  • SLB: Super Loadboard, a place where shippers and brokers can post their loads and carriers can book or request them.

Order statuses

  • New: an order is not assigned to a carrier.
  • Pending: a load offer for the order is sent and awaiting for the carrier’s response.
  • Accepted: the load offer is accepted by the carrier.
  • Canceled: the load offer is canceled by the shipper.
  • Declined: the load offer is declined by the carrier.
  • Picked up: the order is picked up.
  • Delivered: the order is delivered.
  • Invoiced: the order is invoiced by the carrier.
  • Paid: the payment is sent to the carrier.